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Oregon PERS

Helping you navigate your PERS retirement

Helping you navigate your PERS retirement

You are likely well aware of the problems facing Oregon PERS and its looming budget deficit. If you’re an Oregon PERS participant and are concerned about your retirement, we can help.

For years legislators and Oregon Investment Professionals have publicly stressed the need for the Oregon public pension system shortcomings to be addressed. Avoiding this issue has created a snowball effect, leading to the massive debt Oregon PERS is now faced with. The fund’s deficit is an imminent threat to future taxpayers and employees alike. Lawmakers have proposed several senate bills to posit reform ideas, many of which directly affect those at or nearing retirement.

At United Financial Northwest, we help our members answer questions about the Oregon PERS reform propositions like:

  • “How much will my Oregon PERS benefit be?”
  • “How will the Oregon PERS reform affect my retirement?”
  • “Could the Oregon PERS system change in the future?"
  • “How can I make sure my family is protected by my Oregon PERS pension?", and more.

We’re focused on helping people like you not only understand the challenges facing Oregon PERS, but to plan for your unique retirement future. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.