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Frank Ford

Frank Ford

Registered Representative

Two of the biggest challenges we face in life is to have a strategy for retirement and then actually retiring.


Preparing for and accumulating assets for retirement is one thing.  Retiring and having a strategy on how to make those retirement assets last a lifetime is another task.  A good first step is to make saving and investing a top priority. It is also important to have a knowledgeable financial professional and access to quality solutions designed to help you achieve your investment and retirement goals. That’s where I can help.

I have been located at the same address in John's Landing in Portland, Oregon for over 25 years, a fact that I am proud of.  I specialize in helping individuals at every stage of life plan and invest for their future. I have spent the last 25+ years with a front row seat to see firsthand the challenges facing today's retirees.  Working with my clients over those 25 years I have had one goal in mind....


     "To help provide a secure retirement for my clients through a process of first preparing, then assisting in the selection of investment options that will best protect client retirement assets."


As an independent financial professional with PlanMember, I can help put a strategy in place for your future.  

Contact me today so we can create a custom savings and investment strategy that will help you reach your wealth accumulation and retirement goals.  If you are retired or about to retire let me use some of the resources at my disposal to help  take some of the fear and  out the financial future of retirement that lays ahead of you.